USOC Oversight Of USATF Governance & Administration

We believe that USA Track & Field (USATF), the National Governing Body commissioned by Congress to administer the Olympic sport of Track & Field (Athletics), has violated elements of the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act, it's own charter and fair practices with the following actions.

- Reversing the unanimous 392-70 membership vote to reselect Bob Hersh as IAAF delegate, and, instead, nominate Stephanie Hightower for the IAAF Council

- Ignoring the recommendation of both Men's and Women's Long Distance Running Committees to select the Houston Marathon as host of the 2015 US Olympic Trials Marathon, instead selecting the Los Angeles Marathon which has never hosted a U.S. championship, unlike Houston, a long time host of the US Half Marathon Championships and the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials.

- Administrative wrongdoings including: a) the disqualification of two athletes from the 2014 US Indoor Championships under pressure from Nike coach Alberto Salazar (both DQs being reversed later); b) lack of transparency and lack of communication to coaches and athletes with regards to national team selections; c) attempts to grab power from both the Committees and the membership of USA Track & Field.

As members of USA Track & Field, we are petitioning the United States Olympic Committee and its Ombudsman to perform oversight, to censure, and to force corrective measures to compel both the Board of Directors and the National Office to act in the best interest of USA Track & Field's athletes, coaches, and officials as directed by USATF's charter.

If such resolution cannot be obtained, we petition the USOC to charge a different organization with the responsibility of administering the sport of Track & Field as NGB.